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  • What is an hourly renting?

It consist on picking you up from your desire pick up address and drive you to your stops and final destination within the hours requested.The vehicle stay with you at all time.

  • What is a round trip renting?

Is when the vehicle pick you up at the set up address at the time you request then leave you at your destination and come back at a later time to pick you up and drop you at your final address. All this must be on one day frame(being late for the pick up time may result on waiting charges). The vehicle does not stay with you.Time restriction apply.

  • What is a One way  renting?

The vehicle pick you up at the set up address at the time you request then leave you at your final destination.(being late for the pick up time may result on waiting charges).


  • How do I request an estimate?

select "get a quote" on the menu and fill out the form. make sure you are as specific  as possible so the system can give you the right estimate.

  • The price that the system gave me is the final price?

Most likely yes, but still be aware the there is some restrictions that may change the price.

  • The system says my request is CONFIRMED, what does this means?

It means the request is under review and we will contact you to finalize the process and any other remaining information that we need.

  • How do I add an extra stop?

If you are requesting an hourly rental it can be done at the time of requesting the estimate.

If you are requesting round trip or one way rental that will be done thru the phone with us for an extra charge.

  • How do I finalize the vehicle rental?

After we contact you via email or phone you will need to make a deposit to reserve the date and vehicle.

  • How much Is the deposit?

Is a 20% of your payment.

  • How do I pay the rest of my payment?

Credit card or debit card (this will add 3% more to be bill for transaction fee) and cash the day of the rental at the beginnig of the trip.


  • When I will know who is my driver?

The day of your reservation you will receive a text message with the driver information.

  • Should I tip the driver?

Yes, our price does not include tip.

  • How much should I tip the driver?

Is up to you how much you will like to tip the driver since you decide how polite and helpful he was to you.

  • What happen if I want an extra hour?

You will inform the driver and we will contact you letting you know how much that will be and if is possible.

  • Can I bring alcoholic beverage?

If you are 21 year of age orolder yes. on the event there is a minor the adult will be responsible of the minor.

If all of the passengers are minor is prohibit by law.

  • Can I smoke inside the vehicles?

Unfortunately inside our vehicle smoking is prohibit.

  • Do I have to clean the vehicle?

We expecting of you to be tidy and keep your disposal organize and in the garbage bags since some of the garbage may damage the vehicle and result and cleaning fee charge.


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